Does Quill offer resources for English Language Learners? 

Quill provides a special diagnostic for ELL students. This guide explains the unique features of the ELL Diagnostic. We also provide specialized Activity Packs, including Irregular Verbs and Capitalization. Our activities begin with the Common Core grade one concepts and may also be suitable for ELLs. We cover all of the basic grammatical concepts, such as subject-verb agreement and articles. We also feature a variety of activities focused on commonly confused words. All of our activities may be viewed at

Does Quill offer modifications for English Language Learners?  

Quill has compiled a list of free modifications and tools teachers can use for reading and vocabulary support. Explore our list here

Best Practices and Suggestions 

Quill provides opportunities for differentiating for all students through our Lessons Mode. You can learn more here. Teachers can also adapt the vocabulary on Lessons Mode slides. You can learn more about customization here

Teachers are able to preview Quill activities before they assign them to students. To preview activities, click the name of the activity. Teachers may want to review the vocabulary found in activities with students before they assign the activity. 

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