There are two different ways teachers can assign activities to individual students, groups of students, or the whole classroom. 

  1. Teachers can select the "Assign Activities" tab from the dashboard. After that, click "Explore All Activities" in the tab below to browse and assign any of Quill's available activities or activity packs, sorted by skills used. 

2) Teachers can use Quill's diagnostics to assign activities more quickly. If your students have already completed a diagnostic, select the "Student Reports" tab from the dashboard, followed by the "Diagnostics" tab below. you can then click the "Recommendations" tab to assign individual activities or activity packs recommended by Quill. 

From here, click "Recommendations" to see the practice activities Quill has recommended for each student based on the results of the diagnostic. To assign all recommended activities, simply click "Assign Activity Packs."

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