The Activity Summary shows you how every student has performed in each activity.

  1. To get an overview of student results, select the “Student Reports” tab, and this should load the “Activity Summary” page. 

2. Filter: You can then choose which class and unit you’d like to see scores for by using the drop down menus.

3. Activity Colors: Each box represents an assigned activity. As students complete activities, the boxes will be green, yellow, or red, depending on the student's proficiency. Gray boxes indicate that the student has not completed the activity yet.

4. Activity Icons: The puzzle icon indicates a grammar activity, the flag icon indicates a proofreading activity, the target icon indicates a sentence combining activity, and the magnifying glass icon indicates a diagnostic.

5. Tooltip: Placing your mouse over a box will give you more information about the activity, including the student's percentage score.

To learn more about our advanced reporting, read this article.

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