To assign independent practice work on Quill, start by selecting the "Assign Activities" tab on your header menu.

  1. To create an activity pack, click on "Explore activities in our activity library."

2. Once you're in the Activity Library, filter for "Independent Practice" activities.

You can sort these independent activities based on Quill Tool type by clicking on the drop down menu underneath "Independent Activity" practice to choose between Quill Connect, Quill Grammar, and Quill Proofreader.

Quill Connect activities have a target icon next to them.
Quill Grammar activities have a puzzle-piece icon next to them.
Quill Proofreader activities have a flag icon next to them.

After you've select the Activity Type you'd like to assign, you still have the option to use filters within that Activity Type. For instance, Quill Connect for Grade Level 4 only.

3. Once you've selected the activities you would like to assign, click the green "Assign" button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then choose a name for the activity pack and the students you'd like to assign it to, and click "Assign pack to classes".

You can also assign pre-made activity packs. See that guide here.

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