If your students are struggling in an activity, we suggest that they check the punctuation of the sentence they wrote, and then check to see if they're capitalizing the correct words. Quill encourages students to be precise and careful writer, so even though the sentence makes sense, it can still be incorrect even if it is slightly off. 

The following are some ways teachers support students working independently on Quill Activities:

  • Guiding Questions: Asking students some guiding questions to make sure they understand some of the details of the sentence that they might be missing.
  • Guided Practice: Using a Quill activity as a whole class activity before students go off on their own is a great way of modeling the desired concepts. This way, students can see some common mistakes that might occur, in addition to understanding how Quill works when they submit a wrong or right answer.
  • Small group: For concepts that are particularly difficult for students, it might be beneficial to have students in small groups or partners to discuss through the activity and the feedback they get. This is especially suggested for using Quill Proofreader.

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