Follow the guide below if your students sign in to Quill manually (not through Google Classroom/Clever)

  • Printable username/password sheet

You can download a PDF list of all student's usernames and passwords in an easy print-and-cut format. You can cut the strips of paper with students' information and hand it to them. To do this, navigate to the "Classes" tab, select your class, and under the heading "Students", click the button "Download setup instructions". A PDF list will automatically be download to your device.

Printable PDF with students' information

  • Change a student's password

Navigate to your class list ("Classes" tab and select your class). Click the ellipsis button under "Actions" to open the settings menu for that students. Click "Reset Password" and a pop-up box will tell you what is the student's new password.

*Your settings may look different if you imported students from Google Classroom or Clever.

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