Students are able to replay all activities except the Diagnostic as many times as they would like! You'll see their highest score in the Student Reports. Note: The Diagnostic and Writing Skills Surveys do not allow multiple attempts because they are used to determine students' baseline performance.

How to Replay an Activity

This video walks your students through how to use the replay feature from the Student Dashboard. Students can replay activities by:

  1. Navigating to their class

  2. Clicking "Completed Activities"

  3. Clicking the "Replay" button next to the activity they want to retry

How to View Student Replays

To see if a student has replayed an activity:

  1. Click on "Student reports"

  2. Click on "Activity Summary"

If a student has replayed the activity, it will be indicated by a blue circle with the number of attempts in the top right hand corner:

If you hover your mouse over the activity icon, you can see the student's scores on each attempt. Note: All Student Reports will use the highest replay score. The Activity Summary is the only report to show all scores on an attempted activity.

Replay in the Classroom

Retrieval practice helps improve student's recall of concepts. The more times they replay an activity, the more likely they are to remember the concepts being taught! You can also implement mastery-based learning and concept level grading by having students use the replay feature and go for green.

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