If teachers or students cannot see certain things on Quill or it seems that activities will not load, it is possible that Quill.org is blocked on your school's server. Please reach out to your school's IT department to enable use of Quill.org within the school's server. Oftentimes, even if Quill has worked in the past, new restrictions or updates can block the site.

If this does not work or if Quill.org is not blocked on the server, it is likely that you have encountered an error on Quill's part. Another sign of an error on Quill's part is if you or only some students are experiencing the issue, but others are not. If this seems to be the case, please get in touch with us either via the chat icon on the bottom right corner of Quill's website or by email at support@quill.org. When giving us information, please include as many details as possible– What exactly is the problem? Which students or classes are experiencing this issue? What page are you on when you experience this issue? The more we know, the faster our team can work to fix Quill and keep it running smoothly for you. If possible, send photos or screenshots of the issue as well. 

Once the issue is fixed, our development team will reach out to you and let you know.

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