Quill offers activities that cover a variety of grammar concepts as well as different topics. If you are looking to assign activities that cover a specific topic or concept, you can find these activities by clicking the Assign Activities tab and clicking the Explore all activities in our activity library.

Clicking that card will bring you to Quill's activity library. In our activity library, you can filter the activities that you see based on the type of activity, Grade Level Range, Readability Level, CCSS Grade Level, as well as ELL activities, Concepts, Topics, and our Content Partners (College Board, Core Knowledge, and Word Generation).

To filter the activities that you see, check the box next to any filter, and to assign an activity, check the box to the left of the activity's name and click the Assign button in the upper right corner.

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Please feel free to connect with Quill's Support Team through the green message bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at support@quill.org.

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