Interested in Quill but not exactly sure how to use it in your classroom? Here are some Best Practices guidelines for using the program.

When to use Quill: 

  • Use Quill 2-3 times a week as a supplement to your core English-writing instruction for grades 2 and up. Ask your students to apply their learnings to the other writing they do in your class. 

  • Quill is a helpful supplement to ELL instruction. Using a personalized tool ensures that no concept is glossed over (especially helpful for native English speakers teaching ELL).

  • Quill combines well with the WITsi strategy for ELL students, helping them move past very basic sentences into compound sentences.

  • Quill activities can be used as mini-lessons, small group activities, or independent practice.

How to use Quill:

  • Instruct your students to spend as much time as they need working through each sentence. Quill requires thorough and precise writing, which takes time.

  • Quill works best for students who can type at a rate of at least 25 wpm. Have students who type below that speed use Quill in conjunction with a typing program (we recommend typing club). 

  • When your students make errors using Quill, don’t point out these exact errors. The program provides multiple opportunities to fix mistakes. Instead, ask questions: “What do you think you might have missed?” “What parts of the sentence confused you?”  

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