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How do I use sources when submitting an activity to Quill?
How do I use sources when submitting an activity to Quill?

Ready to create your own content for Quill, but not sure what resources you can cite? Here’s a quick Q&A about using sources for content!

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How do I use and cite information responsibly when creating Quill content?

Please keep track of the sources you use. You do not have to use open education resources (OERs), but any reliable sources so long as the content you create is put in your own words (just as a teacher would ask their student to do!). When submitting activities, we will ask for the links to the web pages as well as any other sources that were used.

What are open educational resources (OERs)? 

Open Educational Resources, abbreviated as OERs, are educational resources that are available for free online. They can be used by instructors and students and cover a wide range of content, from homework assignments to articles, or even entire courses. Because Quill provides all activities at no cost, we can use these resources to gather information that we use to shape the content in our activities. They can be modified and reused at no cost.

What are some good OERs that I can cite when creating Quill content?

Quill recommends using OER Commons, which is a great search tool for finding OER websites related to almost any topic, narrowed by academic level, subject, and CCSS or state standards. All resources that come up during an OER Commons search should be appropriate for use– just make sure the link is saved.

If you’re having trouble finding information through OER Commons, you can conduct a web-wide search using the Creative Commons search tool. When using the tool, be sure to check the box labeled Modify or adapt so that we can add and change the information as needed. The Use commercially box does not need to be checked, as all of our exercises are provided free of charge as part of Quill’s nonprofit mission. For more information on using OER resources, check out Creative Commons’ article on different search tools and websites.

How do I know if a website I want to cite is open source?

If a website is open source, it should be explicitly stated somewhere on the site. You can also try searching for the same site through the Creative Commons search tool and see if it comes up.

When creating Quill content, can I directly copy sentences and paragraphs from an OER website?

Yes, as long as the link is provided for Quill’s team to double-check the source! However, if the website is not an OER, be sure to put the information in your own words.

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