Here are some ways you can utilize quill even when your students don't have access to laptops on a regular basis. 

  1. Whole class instruction

You can use any of the Quill Grammar, Proofreader, and Connect as a whole class activity, where you can project the activity or write an activity on the board or on chart paper and have students complete the activity on their own. You can have a couple of students write their answers on the board and then open it up to a full class discussion about what looks right and what looks wrong. 

This can also be a way to use Quill if your students are not at the ready to use Quill independently yet. 

   2. Small group instruction
You can use Quill activities when working with students in small groups. This can be done when a teacher is directly working with a small group and discussing how to complete the activities, giving one activity to each group to complete as a group, station activities, etc.

 3. Activities that requires Laptops

While you can use Quill Grammar, Connect, and Proofreader without using a laptop, Quill Lessons and Diagnostic requires the use of a laptop. You can, however, print out the lesson plans for Quill Lessons and use them accordingly.

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