Sean Martin teaches high school English at City Neighbors Public Charter in Baltimore. To combat foundational issues, Martin uses Quill, whose immediate feedback and requirement of precision has helped his students learn to revise their work and become writers who write with a meticulously detail-oriented lens. However, since Martin introduced Quill part-way through the year, he opted not to use Quill’s diagnostic tool.  

 Martin says he looked “through the [common core] standards from lowest grade level to higher grade level,” and created activity packs based on “where my students struggle.” Martin also incorporates Quill for five-minute grammar drills, and as an individual practice activity for students who finish tests early on assessment days. “I love how the instant feedback empowers students to be able to find their own errors immediately. And I can see the effort level of the students when I see they are redoing activities to get the green!”

To find Quill activities by CCSS standards:
Click on Assign Activities > Choose from our Library > Create Custom Activity Pack > Filter by CCSS (Common Core State Standards):

To find out more about how to create your own activity packs, click here.

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