The activity scores report is a Premium Feature that provides a downloadable overview of a student's progress on completed Quill activities.

Accessing the Activity Scores Report

To find the Activity Scores report:

  1. Click the "Student Reports" tab

  2. Click "Activity Scores"

The first page that you will see after clicking "Activity Scores" shows all of your students' average scores on all of their Quill activities, sorted by last active.

To sort students alphabetically, click the "Student" column.

To sort your students by overall score, click the "Overall Score" column on the first "Activity Scores" page. This allows you to group students based on highest and lowest performance.

Viewing Individual Activity Scores Reports

Click the name of a student to see how they scored on each activity pack.

On a student's Activity Scores report, you will find their overall score on Quill, how many activities they have completed, how much time they have spent on Quill, and information regarding each Activity Pack they have completed.

Note: The time spent section only accounts for the time that the student is actively participating in an activity. If the student becomes inactive for more than 30 seconds or navigates away from the activity, the timer will stop until they return to the activity.

Underneath the name of the activity pack, you will see each activity.

Click the arrow next to an activity's name to see how your student answered each question.

Clicking the "Download Report" button will provide you with two options. Click the "Print" button to download a printable report to your computer. This report can be shared with students and parents. Click the "CSV" button to download a report for your grade book. 

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