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Using SMARTboards with Quill Lessons
Using SMARTboards with Quill Lessons
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 SMARTboards are interactive whiteboards that connect to personal computers and act as large touchscreens. Quill Lessons, however, require un-mirrored screens. Teachers need to be on their computers to view the teacher-facing slides while they project the student-facing slides and conduct the Lesson. Even though the designs of SMARTboards and a Lesson are not fully compatible, you can still conduct a Lesson with a SMARTboard. 

Teachers can launch a Lesson on multiple computers. Many teachers, then, launch the student facing-slides from the computer connected to their SMARTboard and use separate devices to view student answers and type responses. 

 If your SMARTboard setup does not support writing in a browser, but you would like to draw and write on a Quill Lesson, download the Chrome extension Web Paint, and use that to interact with the Lesson.



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