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How can I use Quill as a remote learning resource?
How can I use Quill as a remote learning resource?
Updated over a week ago

While nothing replaces the value of face-to-face classroom instruction, provides packs of high-quality, sentence-level writing activities that students can do in 10-15 minute bursts. Students receive instant feedback on every submission, and they have the opportunity to revise their work as they go.

We recommend that Quill teachers assign activities from our 4 independent practice tools for asynchronous learning: the Quill Diagnostic, Quill Connect, Quill Proofreader and Quill Grammar. Quill Lessons, which is designed to be a synchronous activity, can work really well as a remote tool over a Zoom call. Check out this article on using Quill Lessons remotely!

If you're looking to keep student skills sharp, assign a Diagnostic and the recommended activities! The Diagnostic will identify areas of growth and will generate up to 8 weeks of writing practice tailored specifically to your students' needs!

If you're looking to keep all students on a specific learning track, you can browse through our Activity Library of over 700 writing activities to create customized Activity Packs to meet your needs!

To keep students on track with their independent practice activities, we recommend using the Quill Due Dates feature.

For Premium teachers, check out our "Last Active" statistics on the Activity Scores page to ensure that students are staying on top of their assignments.

Be sure to check out our Teacher Toolbox article on setting up remote routines with your students to ensure they remain successful in a virtual learning environment!

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