You can archive your Quill classes at any time from the "Classes" tab in your Teacher Dashboard. The "Archive" button is located just under your "Class settings" (outlined in red below).

Here are our Best Practices guidelines for using the archive feature.

When to archive a class:

  • if you've created an accidental or duplicate class and would like a way to remove or "delete" it

  • at the end of the school year (to remove any clutter from your Teacher Dashboard and to prepare your Quill account for the coming year)

  • at the end of each semester (for semester-long courses)

Tip #1: Be sure that you've completely wrapped up work with a Quill class before you archive it—archiving a class will remove any associated students and data from your dashboard. It will also remove that class section from your students' Quill accounts.

Tip #2: If you do end up needing to view data from an archived class, you can always go to your "Archived Classes" page, and click "Un-archive". That will move the class back to your "Active Classes" page, and restore access to the class for you and your students. To restore that classroom's data and associated activity sessions, reach out to, and let us know the name of the class section that you'd like data to be restored for.

Bonus Tip: To save student grades for your notes before you archive a class, go into your Activity Scores report, and download each student's individual report card to your computer.

For related ideas on how to wrap up the school year with Quill, check out our Teacher Center article on the subject.

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