The Pre-AP® Writing Skills Surveys generate personalized learning plans of recommended activity packs for each student based on their performance. To access these recommended activity packs:

  • Click the My Student Reports tab on your teacher dashboard

  • Click the Diagnostics sub-tab or card

  • Click the View results and recommendations button for the Pre-AP® Writing Skills Surveys whose data you would like to view

  • Click "Practice recommendations" on the left side of the screen

  • Select "Assign Activity Packs" to assign the recommended packs to students:

  • Choose your preferred Release Method - Staggered Release or Immediate Release. Staggered Release allows students to complete one activity pack at a time with the next consecutive activity pack only unlocking after all the activities in the previous activity pack has been completed. Immediate Release allows students to access every recommended activity pack at once and pace their completion of these activity packs. Click here to learn more.

  • After clicking the Assign button, students will be able to access their assigned activities from their Quill accounts. Each cell that represents an activity pack that has been assigned will show the total number of activities in the activity pack and the number of activities that the student has completed.

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