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What content is available on Quill for Pre-AP® English 1 and 2?
What content is available on Quill for Pre-AP® English 1 and 2?

A summary of Quill's custom Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey and Quill Connect activities for Pre-AP English 1 and 2 courses.

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For teachers looking for Pre-AP® content on Quill, we have multiple different options, all detailed below! There are 2 Pre-AP® writing skills surveys, dozens of recommended practice activities aligned to those surveys, and additional practice activities aligned to the same skills. For English 1, there are also 20 activities aligned to English 1 texts.

Table of Contents:

Video Introduction

This video from a Quill Senior Instructional Coach provides an overview of the custom Pre-AP content that is available on Quill.

Pre-AP® Writing Skills Surveys

There are 2 skills surveys for Pre-AP® students on Quill, intended to be used in sequence.

Pre-AP writing skills survey 1 and Pre-AP writing skills survey 2

Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 1 addresses the basics of sentence patterns, while Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 2 engages with tools for sentence expansion. The skills featured as part of each survey are derived directly from the elements of grammar called out by the Pre-AP English High School Course Framework.

To assign the Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 1 and 2:

  • Click the “Assign Activities” tab

  • Click “Assess student writing with a diagnostic”

  • Click the “CollegeBoard” link

  • Click the “Select” button next to the Writing Skills Survey you would like to assign

On the assign activities tab, select assess student writing with a diagnostic, then select the writing skills survey you would like to assign.

You can find out more information about the Writing Skills Surveys in this video.

Recommended Practice Activities

After students complete a Writing Skills Survey, Quill will recommend a series of activity packs for each student based on their needs. Each pack contains 4 to 7 activities that each take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and provide scaffolded, sequenced practice on one of the skills addressed in the survey.

Practice recommendations grid

Find out more about the Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 1 recommendations in this video.

Find out more about the Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 2 recommendations in this video.

Additional Practice Activities

If your students need more opportunities to practice a skill after they have completed the recommended activities, you can assign additional activities that cover the same skills. You can assign activity packs aligned to Pre-AP concepts, or you can build your own activity pack in the Activity Library.

Passage-Aligned Activities (only for English 1)

In addition to the writing skills surveys and recommended practice activities, there are also 20 sentence combining activities aligned to English 1 texts that are part of each unit’s instructional materials. These activities provide additional opportunities for students to practice their writing in context, combining sentences with a variety of skills and approaches that explore key ideas and themes from these texts.

There are 20 custom sentence-combining activities that are aligned to Pre-AP English 1 texts

There are 5 of these passage-aligned activities per unit in the English 1 course. You will see links to these activities in the lessons in Pre-AP Classroom under "Partner Resources" (they'll be listed as "Quill Activity"). Click here to learn more about the passage-aligned activities.

Find out more about Quill's custom content for Pre-AP English 1 in this video.

Note: At this time, there are no sentence combining activities aligned to texts that are part of each unit’s instructional materials in Pre-AP English 2.

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