After your students have completed the diagnostic/skills survey that you assigned, Quill will automatically generate recommended activity plans for them based upon their scores. You can then assign the resulting recommended activities from your Recommendations page in your "Diagnostics" report (to learn more about that process, click here).

When assigning these recommendations, you'll have the option to either:

  1. Assign all of the recommendations at once, by clicking the green "Assign Activity Packs" button OR

  2. Stagger the recommendations, by using the "Uncheck All" button to un-check the activity packs, and then manually checking off as many activity packs as you'd like to assign at that time.

To assign all of the recommended activity packs at once, click into your Practice Recommendations Report, and select the green "Assign Activity Packs" button as shown below. Once assigned, those packs will be marked with a green check to indicate they have been loaded into the students' dashboards.

You may decide that seeing up to eight activity packs at once in their dashboards could be overwhelming for your students, especially if they are still working on how to pace their independent practice time. Or you may be using Quill to support a particular unit or curricular sequence and want to time different concepts to align with planned lessons. You can use the Practice Recommendations screen to only assign one activity pack to students at a time. This way, students can work on completing a pack aligned to a single concept and will not have the opportunity to skip around. To control the release of activity packs:

  • First, click the "Deselect all" option to remove all checkmarks from all highlighted activity pack boxes.

  • Then, manually check off the activity packs you'd like to assign immediately and click "Assign Activity Packs."

  • The assigned packs will be marked with a green check and the "Assigned" message to indicate they are loaded into the students' dashboards. The other recommended packs will remain highlighted in blue, but will not be assigned as of yet. You can come back and check off more activity packs to assign when you and your students are ready.

To learn more about how to modify your Recommendations, check out our Teacher Center article on the subject.

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