Quill has three different ELL Diagnostic options available—the ELL Starter, the ELL Intermediate, and the ELL Advanced. Once completed, each diagnostic will generate recommended activity packs for students to work on, based on their scores and the concepts covered on that diagnostic. However, only the ELL Starter recommendations are numbered by pack (the ELL Intermediate and ELL Advanced recommendations are not). This is because the ELL Starter Diagnostic is sequenced by concept, while the other ELL Diagnostics are not.

The ELL Starter Diagnostic starts from the most basic possible sentence, and is then scaffolded accordingly. As a result, we strongly advise assigning the ELL Starter recommended packs according to their numerical order, to help students get the most out of their recommendations. For more information about how to modify the pacing of diagnostic recommendations, click here.

For more information about Quill's ELL offerings, click here. For more information about the differences between our diagnostics, click here. Lastly, if you're looking to assign a diagnostic, check out our guide here.

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