If your school or district has purchased School/District Premium and requires you to sign up and log in to Quill using Clever, follow these steps.

Signing Up and Logging In

Navigate to and log in to your Clever portal using your school or district credentials.

Screenshot of a Clever portal login page.

Once on your portal homepage, use the search bar to search for Quill.org. Select it from the list to log in.

If the Quill icon has already been added, or you have already accessed Quill in this way as an existing Quill user, select it from the list of "Resources added by you."

Screenshot of how to find Quill on Clever portal through both search and resources added by you.

We strongly suggest always logging in this way to take advantage of Clever Secure Sync.

Once you select the Quill.org resource in your Clever portal, Clever will log you into your Quill account and take you to your Quill Teacher Homepage.

Screenshot of the Quill Teacher Homepage, with orange box around

Importing classes

Navigate to the Classes tab and click "Import from Clever. Select the classes that will use Quill, and click "Import".

Adding New Students to Quill Classes

If a new student gets added to your Clever class, you can add the student to Quill by clicking on the class roster on the Classes tab and clicking the button "Import Clever Classroom students". Please find more information about adding students to Clever-synced rosters here.

Additional Questions

  • How do my students log in through Clever?

Once your Clever classes have been imported into your Quill account, your students will be able to log in to Quill by accessing their Clever portal and clicking on the Quill icon. They will then be automatically redirected to their Quill student dashboards. They can also go directly to our website, Quill.org, click on the login button on the top right of the page, and select "Log in with Clever".

  • How do I add a co-teacher to my class?

In your "Classes" tab, select the class and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the "Invite co-teachers" button and enter the teacher's email address to send an invitation to join the class. Click here for more information about adding co-teachers, including what a co-teacher can and cannot do with your class.

  • I have new students on my Clever roster, but they are not showing on my roster on Quill. What should I do?

Follow the steps in this guide to add new students to your Quill rosters. If the students are not being successfully added to your roster on Quill, please contact us at support@quill.org.

Please feel free to live chat with us through the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at hello@quill.org.

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