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School/District Premium: How do I sign up for Quill using Clever?
School/District Premium: How do I sign up for Quill using Clever?

Create a Clever-synced Quill account to log into Quill through the Clever portal and import students directly from the platform!

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How you sign up for Quill through Clever will depend on whether or not your school has a School/District Quill Premium subscription or not.

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Sign up for Quill through Clever

To sign up for Quill through the Clever platform, please navigate to the Clever login page and log into your Clever portal using your school or district Clever login credentials.

Screenshot of a Clever portal login page.

Once on your portal homepage, search for in the search field in the upper right corner of the page. Click from the list of applications to log into Quill.

If the Quill icon has already been added, or you have already accessed Quill in this way as an existing Quill user, select it from the list of applications in the Resources added by you section.

Once you click the application in your Clever portal, Clever will automatically log you into your Quill account and take you to your Quill teacher account.

Link to your school

Find and link your school to your Quill account. Use either your school name or zip code to search for your school.

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This is an important step. Linking to your school grants you access to your Premium subscription, unlocking access to reports and giving you prioritized support.

You can also link to your school from your account settings (Home tab, My Account sub-tab, pictured below.)

Import students from Clever

With School/District Quill Premium, you are able to activate your Quill account through the Clever portal and take advantage of rostering with Clever Secure Sync!

To import your classes from Clever through Clever Secure Sync, after logging into your Quill account through the Clever platform, please navigate to the My Classes tab. Click the Import from Clever button:

This will bring you to a form to select the classes in Clever that you'd like to import to Quill.

This will effectively roster your selected classes from Clever into Quill.

Once your classes are imported through Clever Secure Sync, your classes' rosters in Quill will sync with Clever's rosters on a nightly basis. If you have new students or students were removed from your roster in Clever, and you need an immediate update of your Quill classes' rosters, you may click the Import Clever classroom students button for each class in the My Classes tab of your Quill account.

This will effectively update your Quill rosters to match the Clever rosters.

Re-authorize Clever account

When attempting to re-sync a Clever-linked class, you might see a pop-up menu communicating that you need to reauthorize Quill's access to your Clever account. This means that you need to log back into your Clever account so that Quill can have access to Clever.

To reauthorize your account, click the green Reauthorize button and log back into Clever.

How do my students log into Quill through Clever?

Once your classes are imported to Quill, students' Quill accounts will be automatically made. Students can log into Quill through Clever by clicking the Quill icon on their Clever portal. icon

Alternatively, students can go directly to, access the log in page and click the Log in with Clever button.

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​Click here to access a student log-in tutorial that can be shared with your students!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have new students on my Clever roster, but they are not showing on my roster on Quill. What should I do?

    You can add any new students by re-syncing your Quill classes to Clever! Go to the My Classes tab, click on the class in question, and then click the green Import Clever Classroom students button.

    If the students are not being successfully added to your roster on Quill, please contact us at

  • How can I add a co-teacher to one or more of my Quill classes?

    Please see this article about inviting a co-teacher to any one of your Quill classes.

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