To import your classes from Clever, first sign up for Quill using Clever or link your existing Quill account to Clever.

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Importing Classes from Clever

To import your Clever classes to Quill:

  • Click the “Classes” tab

  • Click the “Import from Clever” button

  • Click the box next to the class or classes you would like to import

  • Click the green “Import classes” button

Adding New Students to Quill Classes

If a new student gets added to your Clever class, you can add the student to Quill by:

  • Clicking the “Classes” tab

  • Selecting the class they have been added to in Clever

  • Click the “Import Clever Classroom students” button

  • Check the box next to “I understand...”

  • Click the green “Import students” button

Reauthorize Your Clever Account

You might see a pop-up message while trying to import classes saying that you need to reauthorize your Clever account. This means that we need you to log back into Clever so we can re-import your classes.

To reauthorize your account, click the green “Reauthorize” button and log back into Clever.

How do Clever students log in to Quill?

After your classes have been imported to Quill, students will access Quill from their Clever portal or log in directly on Click here to access a student guide to logging in to Quill with Clever.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to live chat with us through the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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