Diagnostic Recommendations

After students complete a diagnostic, you can assign the recommended independent practice activities based on the results of the diagnostic. These recommendations include Quill Grammar and Quill Connect activities.

If you are looking to supplement or extend the practice students receive through the recommendations, Quill Proofreader activities allow students to revise and edit a passage in context.

Add Proofreading Passages to Diagnostic Recommendations

You can search the Activity Library for Quill Proofreader activities that are aligned to the same concept as the practice recommendations and assign these activities to your students.

If you would like to add Quill Proofreader activities to the diagnostic recommendations activity packs, click the My Activities tab, then click the Add activities button at the bottom of an activity pack.

The Add activities button will take you to Quill's activity library. To filter to see Quill Proofreader activities, you can click the dropdown toggle next to Independent Practice: Language Skills and then click the box next to Quill Proofreader.

To filter the Quill Proofreader activities by a specific concept, scroll down in the filters list until you see the Concepts heading. Then, check off any concepts, like Capitalization, you would like your students to practice.

Now that you've filtered to only see Quill Proofreader activities aligned to the specific concept, check off the boxes next to the Quill Proofreader activities you would like to assign to students and then click the green Assign button.

This will add the Quill Proofreader activities you have selected to the diagnostic recommended activity pack.

For more information about navigating Quill's activity library, click here. For more information about the diagnostic recommended activity packs, click here.

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