In Quill, you are able to choose a Publish date to schedule when specific activities or entire activity packs will appear on your students’ dashboards! Learn how to schedule activities and packs below:

Schedule specific activities

You are able to select different dates and times for specific activities in the pack for a gradual release of activities by clicking in the Publish date column for each activity:

Schedule the entire activity pack

To have the entire activity pack show at a certain date and time, set a Publish date for one of the activities and click Copy to all to copy the selected date and time for all activities. In this case, the entire activity pack will show in students’ dashboards on January 23 at 9:00AM.

Assign activities right away

If you want to publish the activity pack right away, you can simply leave the default selection of Right away and not select a date and time. The Right away default selection publishes the activity pack in students’ dashboards as soon as you click Assign pack to classes at the top right of the Review and assign page.

Setting due dates

To change and/or add a due date for an individual activity, simply click into the Due date field for that activity, and select a date from the calendar pop-up menu.

**Please Note: Due dates are used for reference only and will not remove/hide activities from students’ dashboards after the due date passes.**

Time zone

We recommend verifying the time zone on your account to ensure that activity packs are scheduled to show at the correct time for your students. To verify your time zone, go to the Home tab, click on the My Account sub-tab, and verify/select your time zone:

Checking on scheduled activities or packs

You can manage your assigned activities from the My Activities tab. To view or change the Publish date for an activity, find the activity pack in the My Activities page and locate the Publish date column:

The checkmark next to the date indicates that this activity is published and visible in the assigned students’ dashboards:

The clock next to the date indicates this activity is scheduled to show at a later time or date, and it is not yet visible in students’ dashboards:

To change the time or date an activity is scheduled to be published, simply click into the date or time fields in the Publish date column for an activity, and select the new date or time in the calendar pop-up menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change the publish date on an activity?

    • To change the publish date on an activity, first navigate to the My Activities tab and find the activity whose publish date you would like to change. Then click on the Publish date field for that activity and select a new date from the calendar pop-up menu.

  • If I reschedule an activity to show at a later time, will I lose completed student data?

    • No, if you reschedule an activity to show at a later time and students have already completed some or all of the activity, you will not lose completed student data. The data will be available in your reports, but the activity will not show on students’ “To-do activities” or “Completed activities” tabs.

  • Scheduled activities/packs are not showing on my students’ dashboards. What should I do?

    • First, verify that the time zone on your account is set up correctly. Click here to learn how to set your time zone.

    • Then, check the date/year the activity is scheduled to be published to ensure it is accurate.

    • If there aren’t any issues with the time or date, verify that the student has been added to the activity pack. Click here to learn how to add a student to an activity pack.

  • Will students see upcoming activity packs on their dashboards?

    • No, scheduled activities and activity packs will only show at the scheduled time. Students will not see that there are upcoming activities or activity packs scheduled to show.

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