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School/District Premium: How can I import classes from Canvas?
School/District Premium: How can I import classes from Canvas?

Learn how to import classes and students from Canvas.

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The Canvas integration is available to schools and districts with Premium subscriptions.

If your school or district has a Premium subscription, you are able to import your rosters from Canvas. This enables students to also access Quill directly from Canvas. To import your classes, you will need to ask your IT/Canvas administrator to set up the integration first. Share this link with your IT/Canvas administrator before attempting to import Canvas classes to your Quill account.

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Admin set up

Your school or district-based IT/Canvas administrator should complete the first step to set up this integration. Share this link with your IT/Canvas administrator. You're unable to import classes from Canvas until the integration is set up on the Canvas administrator dashboard and Quill's Premium Hub.

Access your Quill account through Canvas

Once your administrator sets up the integration, you can access your existing Quill account or create a new Quill account through your Canvas course.

Please note πŸ’‘
If you have an existing Quill account that is linked to Google or Clever, logging in to your Quill account through Canvas will automatically unlink your Quill account from Google or Clever.

  • First, access your school's/district's Canvas instance:

  • On your Canvas dashboard, access one of the courses where you will use Quill:

  • Click the Quill Login link on your navigation menu:

Please note πŸ’‘

If Quill Login is not displayed in your navigation menu,
1. ensure the integration has been set up by your IT/Canvas administrator and
2. follow these steps to enable the Quill Login navigation link.

  • On the Quill Login navigation link, click the Log in to with your Canvas credentials button.

  • You will see a message that you're being redirected. Then, you'll click the Authorize button to allow Quill to access your Canvas account.

  • Then, you'll click the Authorize button to allow Quill to access your Canvas account.

  • You will be automatically directed to your Quill account.

Import classes from Canvas into Quill

  • To import classes from Canvas into Quill, please navigate to the My Classes page in your Quill account.

  • On the My Classes page, click the Import from Canvas link in the upper right corner.

  • In the menu that appears, check the boxes to the left of the names of the classes that you would like to import, select the grade of the class, and click the Import classes button.

  • Once the Import classes button is clicked, you will see the Canvas-linked classes appear on your My Classes page.

Student log in

After you create your rosters with Canvas, students will access Quill with their Canvas accounts. Students should click on the Quill Login navigation link, located on the Canvas course navigation bar:

Tip πŸ’‘

Share this link with students for instructions on how to access Quill through Canvas.

Import new students into Canvas-linked classes

  • When teachers log into their Quill accounts through Canvas, any new students are automatically imported from Canvas to Quill, and these new students' Canvas-linked Quill accounts are automatically created.

  • If teachers are already logged into their Quill accounts and would like to import any new students from Canvas to Quill, they may go to the My Classes page, click on the class into which they would like to import new students, and click the Import Canvas students button.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to send a message to the Quill team using the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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