If you are a teacher adding your students to a class, follow the steps in this video.

If you are a student signing up and joining your teacher's class, follow the steps below:

a) If your teacher requested you sign up using Google - click "Sign Up with Google" and login using your Gmail/school email and password:

b) If your teacher requested you sign up with Clever, press the "Sign Up with Clever" button and search for your school.

c) If you do not use a school email/Google Classroom/Clever, then input your first/last name, create a username and password. You can optionally add an email address.

*Your teacher may have given you a username and password. If they did, type your first/last name and the username/password your teacher gave you.

After you log in, add the class code your teacher gave you. The class code is composed of two random words separated by a dash (for example, sunny-weather)

You will then be in your student dashboard and ready to improve your writing skills!

Click here for a video on how to navigate your assignments

Click here to see all Student Center help resources

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