After creating a classroom, add students to your classes by selecting the “Classes” tab and selecting “Invite Students.” You will be provided three options for adding students.

There are three ways for students to join your class:

Option 1. Students Signup: Students can create their own Quill accounts by going to, selecting the “Sign-up” button, and creating a username and password. Once they have created an account, students will be prompted for a class code. You can find the class code for each class under the class name in the “My Classes” section of your teacher dashboard. Once students input the class code, they will be connected to your teacher account.

Option 2. Clever and Google Classroom: Students can login using their Google or Clever usernames and passwords if you signed up for Quill using your Google or Clever account. In this case, students do not need to create new accounts. They simply go to, click the “Login” button, and input their Google or Clever usernames and passwords.

Option 3. Create Accounts for Your Students: You can manually create accounts for each student. Input the student’s first and last name under the “Add Your Students” section. Once you add a student’s name, Quill will generate a username and password for each student. Select “Download Login Sheet” to get a printable document of students’ usernames and passwords.

Note: We recommend all students in the same class sign up with the same method.

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