After you have launched a lesson, click on the “Launch Projector” icon in the navigation bar at the top. This will open a new window with the student facing slides only.

How to drag the projector view window to the projector: Once you have un-mirrored your screen, click on the top bar of the browser and move the window to the projector by dragging the student slide off the edge of your screen and onto the projector screen. You will be able to control what the students see and the projector view from your teacher view. 

How can I turn off mirroring? 

In order to ensure that the projector does NOT mirror your screen or show students the teacher notes, follow the instructions below to un-mirror.

For PC: 

  1. Go to Control Panel or right-click on your desktop.

  2. Choose Display Settings.

  3. In the Multiple Display drop-down, select Extend Desktop to This Display 

For Chromebook: 

  1. Click on your account photo

  2. Click Settings 

  3. In the "Device" section, click Displays

  4. To un-mirror your screen, make sure you select Extended Desktop. Here's a Google article to help you.

For Mac:

1. Go to System Preferences 

2. Go to Displays
3. Next, select the Arrangement tab
4. Uncheck Mirror Displays

Note: This tutorial should work for both SMART boards and normal projectors. If for some reason your system does not allow you to un-mirror, you can launch the lesson from two different devices, dedicate one for the slides, and use the other for teacher view.

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