After assigning a Quill Lesson to your class, you need to launch the lesson. You can do this by going to the My Activities Tab > Launch Lessons:
Then you will see a list of your assigned lessons. Click Launch Lesson on your desired lesson:

When you launch the lesson, there will be a brief overview of how to use lessons. After that you will be asked to pick an Edition, in case you have created multiple editions of the selected lesson. Press Select to access the lesson. Or click Customize to make a new edition of the lesson.

Once on the lesson, on the top right hand corner you will see the following:

This will tell you how many students are in the lesson. The rest of the buttons mean the following things:
The first allows you to make a copy to create a new edition of the selected lesson. Or you can switch to a different edition of the lesson in the middle of another lesson.

The second button allows you to download a PDF version of the Lesson Plan

The third gives you a list of students flagged throughout the lesson

The fourth opens up a new window with the Student View for you to project.

The next button allows you to turn off the student view and redirect student attention  to your screen when you are modeling or sharing student answers.

Then you have the button that allows you to save your place in the lesson for the class  in case you didn't finish the lesson.

Lastly, there is a button that goes through a tutorial on how to use Lessons and commonly asked questions.

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