How do I report a bug?

Tips on communicating issues to our support team

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If you think you've noticed a bug while using Quill, let us know! Your report will help to ensure that our team gets any issues fixed ASAP.

You can report a bug by sending us a message through the green message icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

When reporting a bug, please include the following information so that we can investigate most effectively:

  • The email associated with your Quill account.

  • The names of any affected students, classes, or activities.

Furthermore, if you would like to send a screen recording or screenshot, we recommend sending a screen recording or screenshot, in addition to the aforementioned information, in an email to so that we are best able to investigate this issue.

💡 Please Note: If you would like to provide product or content feedback about Quill, please feel free to add it to our feedback page here! Submitting a piece of feedback to that page will notify our product team directly. Additionally, you'll be able to both vote on all other user-submitted ideas, and sign up for email alerts when ideas you've voted on are moved into our product pipeline! Otherwise, please feel free to message us at for further questions and support.

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Please feel free to send a message to the Quill team using the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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