You can use Quill without creating student accounts or saving student data. Every Quill activity is publicly accessible from

However, our team strongly recommends creating accounts for your students if you'd like to have access to students' responses to prompts and feedback received, track student progress, have students track activities through their dashboards, and have access to extensive data reports. Creating student accounts is easy and completely free! Click here to learn how to do this.

The process below is recommended only for teachers who cannot create student accounts (due to data privacy) or who are looking to learn about how Quill works before opening an account.


You can share a link with your students, and they can complete activities without creating an account. However, since it is an anonymous session, the results will not be saved and you cannot view them on your teacher dashboard. If you want to use Quill activities without creating student accounts, choose an activity you'd like to use with your students, copy and paste the link (URL) and share with students via email, Google Classroom, or by writing the URL on the board. 

  1. Go to the Quill Activities page and find the activity you would like to use. 

  2. When you find an activity you would like to use, right click on the "view activity" link and then click on the "copy link address"

  3. Paste the link in a location your students can access. 

Create A Short Link

If you would like to write the link on the board for your students, you can make a short link to make it easier for your students to re-type the link. 

  1. Go to

  2. Paste the link 

  3. Edit the URL to make it easy to re-write. 

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