How do I create classes?

How to create classes and add students to classes in Quill.

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In order to assign activities on Quill, teachers need to create classes and add students. Once Quill teachers manually create classes or import class rosters from Google Classroom or Clever, students will log in to their own Quill accounts to complete activities.

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How do I import classes from Google Classroom to Quill?

Navigate to the My Classes tab. Then, click the Import from Google Classroom button.

Select the classes you'd like to import and select the grade for each class. Students will have Quill accounts automatically generated.

How do I import classes from Clever to Quill?

Navigate to the My Classes tab. Then, click the Import from Clever button.

Check the classes that you'd like to import to Quill and select their grade levels.

Students will have Clever-synced Quill accounts automatically generated.

How do I manually create a class?

If you do not use Google Classroom or Clever, you can manually create classes. To do so, navigate to the My Classes tab.

Then, click the Create a class button.

Name your class and select the grade of the class from the dropdown menu. Optionally, reset your class code by clicking the Reset hyperlink. Lastly, click the Create class, next button.

Now, you'll choose between two options to add students to this class.

1. Invite students to create accounts for themselves

Choose the Students create their own accounts option to get a unique link to share with students so that they can create their own usernames and passwords. This option is recommended for students who are familiar with creating accounts on websites.

Click the Copy button to copy your shareable link and share it via email, add it to your learning management system, or write it on your whiteboard. When students visit this link, they will be asked to create a Quill account and will be automatically added to your class in Quill.

2. Create accounts for students

Alternatively, you can choose the Create accounts for students option if you would like to add students by first and last names and have Quill generate a username and password combination for each student.

When you select this option, add each student with their first and last name and click the Add button. When you click the Add button, Quill will generate a username that follows the pattern firstname.lastname@class-code and a password that defaults to their lass cap Once you have added all of your students, click the Next button.

You can then download a PDF document with students' usernames and passwords by clicking the Download PDF button for the class. Lastly, click the Done button to finish creating this class.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access student login information?

    Please see this article to learn more about seeing student login information.

  • How do I manage my class rosters?

    Please see this article to learn more about managing your class rosters.

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