Google Classroom and Clever users can import their rosters with the touch of a button.

Click here to learn how to import Google Classroom classes.

Click here to learn how to import Clever classes.

If you do not use Google Classroom or Clever, you can create manual classes. In this case, students will be given a username/password combination or they will create their own accounts to log in. Read more below!

1. Create your first class!

Log in to Quill and access the Classes tab. Click the green button "Create a class."

Name your class and select the grade. Optionally, reset your class code before moving on. This unique class code will be used by new students to join your class.

When ready, click the “Create class, next” button.

2. How do you want to add students?

Option a. Choose "Students create their own accounts" to get a unique link to share with students so they can create their own usernames/passwords. This option is recommended for students who are familiar with creating accounts on websites.

Click "Copy" to copy this sign-up link. Share this link with students directly, and once they access the link, they will be asked to create an account. You will have access to their usernames on your roster.

Option b. Choose "Create accounts for students" if you would like to add students by first and last names and have Quill generate a username/password combination that the students can use to log in. You will have access to students' usernames and passwords and will be able to reset their passwords at any time.

Add each student by first and last name. When you click "Add," Quill will generate a username (first.last@class-code) and password (Last name, capital letter) that students will use to log in. Click "Next" after adding all students.

You can then download a printable PDF with students' usernames and passwords, which allows you to print and hand out student log-in information or keep it for your records. You can access this PDF by clicking "Download setup instructions" on your class roster.

Students can also create a Quill account on their own anytime by going to Quill.org, clicking "Sign Up", and signing up with Clever, Google, or with a username/password combination. After they create a new account, they will be asked for your class code. to join your class. Learn more about your class code here.

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