Click on the type of class you have created to access student login information:

Manually-created classes

If your classes were created manually (e.g. students were added manually by first/last name or they created their own accounts and joined via class code, not via Google Classroom or Clever) you can download a login sheet that has the students' usernames and passwords.

Click on the Classes tab to access your rosters:

Then, click on the class for which you would like to print the login sheet. Click the Download setup instructions button to download a PDF document containing login information for all students.

The downloaded PDF document will contain students' usernames and passwords. When you add students to the class by first and last name, their passwords will default to their last names capitalized.

The message N/A (Custom Password) indicates the student has a custom password. You may be able to reset it to their last names by clicking on the ellipsis next to their name, and clicking "Reset password."

If you do not see the option above next to your student's name, they have a Google or Clever-connected account. Please read the information below.

Google Classroom or Clever classes

If your students were rostered using Google Classroom or Clever, you will not have access to their passwords. They will use the Google or Clever password to access Quill, and for security reasons, you are unable to see and/or reset this password.

If your student does not remember their Google or Clever password, you should contact your school's IT department to reset it. You will be unable to do so from the Quill website.

If the student cannot log in and needs immediate assistance, please contact us at and request that we create an alternative account for the student.

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