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CCSS vs. Readability - How does Quill sort activities?
CCSS vs. Readability - How does Quill sort activities?

A guide to the different standards Quill uses to sort activities

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All Quill activities are aligned to both Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Readability Level in order to help teachers gauge the approximate difficulty level when choosing activities to assign to their students.

In Quill's activity library, teachers have the option to filter by either Readability Level or CCSS Grade Level in the menu on the left side of the screen.

The Readability Level filter sorts all activities by a grade level score based on a series of text complexity systems, such as Lexile, Renaissance ATOS, and the Common Core standards. Since Quill activities focus on building writing skills, using a text with a lower Readability Level can sometimes better enable students to practice the writing skill.

The CCSS Grade Level filter sorts all activities by Common Core State Standard level and other classifications, such as Benchmark Assessments.

Teachers will always have access to all the activities in the activity library because these standards do not always align with the development stages of students. Moreover, different schools teach different grammar concepts at different times. For this reason, teachers will have the option to assign activities aligned to any CCSS Grade Level, Readability Level, or other filters based on their students’ needs.

Quill's grading logic, a mastery-based system, also reflects the idea that students learn at their own pace.

For Quill Premium teachers, the Standards report in the My Reports tab shows teachers how their students have performed on each standard. 

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