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Where can I find and assign the passage-aligned Quill Connect Activities?
Where can I find and assign the passage-aligned Quill Connect Activities?
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Quill has 20 custom sentence-combining activities aligned to unique Pre-AP® English 1 and 9th-Grade SpringBoard ELA texts to give students the opportunity to practice their sentence construction skills in context. These activities provide additional opportunities for students to explore ideas from the text and model for students an analysis of key elements such as historical and authorial context, plot, characterization, and author style.

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How do I find the passage-aligned activities?

To locate Quill's list of Pre-AP® and SpringBoard passage-aligned activities, go to either the Pre-AP Quill landing page or the SpringBoard Quill landing page, and scroll to the Passage-Aligned Activities heading.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to this filtered view of Quill's activity library to see only passage-aligned activities.

Lastly, you can apply filters in Quill's activity library yourself.

To find Quill's activity library, navigate to the Assign Activities tab.

Then, click the Explore all activities in our activity library card.

In the Activities section of the filter menu on the left side of the activity library page, check the box next to Independent Practice and then check the box next to Quill Connect.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the filter menu to find the Content Partners section and check the box next to College Board to view the passage-aligned Quill Connect activities.

How many passage-aligned activities are in each unit?

There are 5 passage-aligned activities in each Pre-AP® English 1 and 9th-Grade SpringBoard ELA unit. As the texts used in Pre-AP English 1 are also used in 9th grade SpringBoard ELA, these activities are also relevant to students in that course.

Please Note: At this time, there are no sentence-combining activities aligned to texts that are part of each unit’s instructional materials in Pre-AP English 2 or other SpringBoard® ELA courses.

What skills will students be practicing in passage-aligned activities?

While students are free to combine the sentences in these activities using any grammatically correct method they choose, these activities provide the opportunity for students to practice skills from the Pre-AP English High School Course Framework, including the following:

  • Constructing compound and complex sentences

  • Constructing sentences with relative clauses

  • Constructing sentences with appositive, participial, and prepositional phrases

  • Identifying time order, opposition, and cause and effect relationships

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