How do I navigate Quill's Home page?

A guide to navigating Quill's Home page and its features.

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When you log into your Quill account, you'll first see the Quill Home page. The Home page includes a variety of information and actions that help you best leverage your Quill account. Please read more about Quill's Home page below.

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Onboard to Quill on the Home page

When you first create a Quill account, Quill will guide you through a series of onboarding steps to set up your account.

When you sign up for a Quill account as a teacher, you'll first be taken to the Home page in your Quill account, and you'll see the option to either experience a demo of Quill by clicking the Start exploring button or jump into using Quill by clicking the Let's go button.

Complete tasks to get started with Quill

When you've either completed the demo of Quill after clicking the Start exploring button or clicked the Let's go button, you'll see an onboarding checklist on the Home page, which walks you through the necessary first steps of getting started with Quill.

Checking an empty circle next to a task will bring you to the relevant page to complete that task.

As you complete these tasks, you'll be able to track your progress by returning to the Home page at any time.

Once you've completed all of these tasks, you'll see the full Home page! Additionally, the widget to contact our Support Team will appear in the bottom right corner of the page as well so that you can contact our Support Team with any questions that you might have.

See a summary of activities that you've assigned and your students have completed

The first widget in your Home page allows you to see either a weekly or yearly summary of the number of activities that you've assigned and the number of activities that your students have completed. To learn more about how those numbers are calculated, check out our article on the metrics widget here.

See your students' diagnostic results

The Diagnostic results widget allows you to quickly view the number of students who have completed a diagnostic out of the total number of students who were assigned that diagnostic. You can also use this widget as a shortcut to access your Practice recommendations report to assign diagnostic practice recommendation activities by clicking the View button within the Results column to the far right of a diagnostic's name.

Launch a Quill Lesson

In the widget to launch a Quill Lesson, you can click the Present button to the far right of a Quill Lesson's name to launch that Quill Lesson and implement the Quill Lesson with your students.

In addition, you can click the ellipsis within the More column to the far right of any Quill Lesson's name to reveal a menu of options to preview the Quill Lesson, customize the Quill Lesson, or download the lesson plan for the Quill Lesson.

To learn more about this widget, check out our support article on the subject.

See when a student completes an activity

The Activity feed widget allows you to see when a student completed an activity and the proficiency score that the student has for that activity.

This widget automatically tracks recent student activity in your Quill classes with the most recent completion showing at the top. Click the Show more button at the bottom of the widget to expand the list further.

Explore handy actions that you can do from the Home page

The Handy actions widget contains several hyperlinks to different actions that can be taken in your Quill account.

See a daily article from the Teacher Center

The Daily tiny tip widget is a fun way to check out different Teacher Center articles and read about best practices for using Quill! The widget updates daily with a link to a different Teacher Center article.

See highlighted articles from the Teacher Center

The Teacher center highlights widget showcases a curated selection of a few essential Teacher Center articles. You can also use this widget as a shortcut to access the full Teacher Center, which is our main hub for pedagogical resources and click the See all resources button to navigate to the Teacher Center.

Explore the activities that Quill created in partnership with the CollegeBoard

Finally, the widget in the bottom right corner of the Home page gives you quick access to all of our CollegeBoard-aligned activities on Quill. Please click the See all activities button to view and assign our SpringBoard, AP, and Pre-AP materials. You can also learn more about our partnerships with CollegeBoard by clicking the question mark in the top corner of the widget.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to send a message to the Quill team using the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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