When you first log in to Quill, the first screen you'll be brought to is your Teacher Homepage. This screen—under the "Overview" subsection of the "Home" tab—contains various different at-a-glance widgets for you to check and use, and acts as the home base for your Quill account.

Additionally, the Teacher Homepage will also bring you through an onboarding checklist the first time you create an account on Quill, to help guide you through the proper steps to take as you set up your account. This article will walk you through both 1) that onboarding process and 2) the different features available to you on your homepage and how to use them.

Homepage Onboarding

Once you've signed up for Quill as a teacher, the first page you'll be taken to in your Quill account is your new Teacher Homepage.

You'll see your onboarding checklist, which will walk you through the necessary first steps to get started with Quill.

You'll first want to create a class, and then add students to that class. Clicking the empty "to-do" circle will bring you to the necessary task. For instance, clicking next to the "Explore our library" task will bring you into the Activity Library.

As you complete those actions, you'll be able to track your progress by returning to your "Home" tab at any time.

You can complete your checklist by viewing (and potentially assigning) our diagnostics. We always recommend assigning a Quill diagnostic before anything else—you can read more about that best practice guideline here.

Once you've completed your checklist, you'll have activated your Teacher Homepage, and your checklist will disappear and be replaced by your new dashboard! Additionally, our Support chat bubble will be activated as well, ready to help with any questions you may have as you use Quill.

Homepage Widgets


The metrics widget on your Teacher Homepage allows you to see at-a-glance summaries of your classroom activity at both a weekly and yearly level. To learn more about how those numbers are calculated, check out our article on the metrics widget here.

Diagnostic Recommendations

The Diagnostic recommendations widget acts as a quick way to view your students' diagnostic completion rates. You can also use this widget as a shortcut to access your Recommendations report, by clicking "View" under the Recommendations column.

To learn more about this widget, check out our support article on the subject.

Present a Live Lesson

The Present a Live Lesson widget acts as a quick way to view and launch any of your previously assigned Quill Lessons. You can also use this widget as a shortcut to download Lesson PDFs, preview Lessons, and/or customize those Lessons, from under the "More" column.

To learn more about this widget, check out our support article on the subject.

Handy Actions

The Handy Actions widget functions as a "shortcuts" sidebar for all of the essential Quill actions you may need to take. From the "View as student" feature to the Activity Summary, the Handy Actions sidebar bundles seven different Quill actions together for easy shortcut access.

Daily Tiny Tip

The Daily Tiny Tip widget is a fun way to check out different Teacher Center articles and read about Quill best practices! It updates daily with a new link to a Teacher Center article from our Quill coaching team.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed widget gives you the ability to view any and all recent student results on your Quill assignments as they come in.

This widget acts as a live tracker of recent student activity in your Quill classroom, with the most recent completions showing up at the top. Click the "Show More" button at the bottom of the widget to expand the list further.

Teacher Center Highlights

The Teacher Center Highlights widget showcases a curated selection of a few essential Teacher Center articles (including a link to our Quill webinar schedule). You can also use this widget as a shortcut to access the full Teacher Center (our main hub for Quill teacher resources), by clicking the "See all Resources" option at the bottom of the Highlights box.

CollegeBoard Activities

Finally, the widget in the bottom right hand corner of your Teacher Homepage gives you a quick shortcut to access all of our CollegeBoard-aligned activities on Quill. Simply click the "See all activities" button to view and assign our SpringBoard, AP, and Pre-AP materials. You can also learn more about our partnerships with CollegeBoard by clicking the question mark in the top left hand corner of the widget.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to live chat with us through the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at hello@quill.org.

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