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How do I set up the Canvas integration for my school/district? (For Canvas/Quill Administrators)
How do I set up the Canvas integration for my school/district? (For Canvas/Quill Administrators)
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The Canvas integration is available to schools and districts with Premium subscriptions.

The Canvas integration enables teachers to import classes from Canvas. Once teachers import classes from Canvas, new student accounts are automatically created on Quill. Students will use their Canvas accounts to log in to Quill. Please note that Quill is not available as an External App (LTI tool), and this integration only enables sign-in and rostering with Canvas.

The instructions below are for Canvas administrators. If you are a teacher, please click here to learn how to import your classes from Canvas.

Table of contents

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1. Set up the integration on Canvas

Access Canvas' admin settings

  • Access your Canvas instance via your school or district URL

  • Access the Admin tab on the navigation menu. Click on the school/district name or 'All accounts'

Create an LTI app for login

  • Navigate to Settings and click on the Apps tab

  • Click 'View App Configuration'

  • Click '+ App'

  • A confirmation message will confirm that the app was added. You will be able to view Quill Login as one of the options on the External Apps page:

  • Refresh the page. Quill Login will be displayed as an option in the navigation menu:

Set up developer keys

  • Navigate to 'Developer keys' on the side navigation menu

  • Click '+ Developer key'

  • Click '+ API key'

  • On the Key Settings page, enter the following:

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page

  • The state column will display that the key is automatically off (highlighted in red). Click 'ON' in the state column for the "Quill Rostering" key you just created.

  • Click 'OK' in the pop-up message to accept turning the key on. ON will be highlighted in green, as seen in the picture below.

  • Leave this page open in your browser. You will need the information displayed on the Developer Keys page for the next step.

Step 2. Set up the integration on Quill

  • Log in to your Quill administrator account

  • Click on the Premium Hub tab

  • Click on 'Integrations'

  • Click on the 'New Canvas Integration' button:

  • Fill in all fields in the form. The information can be found on your Canvas admin Developer Keys page, which should still be open in your browser.

    • For 'Canvas Instance URL', fill in the URL of your canvas instance

      • Include https://

    • For 'Client Id', paste the value found in the Developer Keys Canvas page

      • On the Canvas page, copy the value directly above the 'Show Key' button

    • For 'Client Secret', copy and paste the value found in the Developer Keys Canvas page

      • On the Canvas page, click the 'Show Key' button and copy the long string

  • The New Canvas Integration form on Quill should contain the following information:

  • Click Submit

  • The Integrations page should display the school for which you set up the integration:

Teacher Instructions

You can share this article with teachers for a tutorial on how to import their classes from Canvas. To import classes, teachers should:

  • Access their Canvas course

  • Click on the 'Quill Login' link on the side navigation bar

  • Click on 'Log in to with your Canvas credentials'

  • Click on 'Authorize' when prompted for permission for rostering

  • The teacher will be logged in to Quill

  • From the Quill teacher dashboard, access the My Classes tab

  • Click on Import from Canvas

  • The teacher will, then, be able to select which rosters to import to Quill.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Teachers do not see the Quill Login option on their navigation sidebar. How can they find it?

The teacher may have hidden/disabled the integration on their Canvas course. From the course Settings, Navigation tab, ensure the Quill Login navigation link is located in the top section of the page (enabled), along with all other course navigation links that should be displayed to students. The Quill Login navigation link should not be at the bottom of the page (disabled). Follow this tutorial from Instructure to ensure that Quill Login is properly displayed in the course navigation.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to send a message to the Quill team using the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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