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How does Quill fit into the larger classroom experience?
How does Quill fit into the larger classroom experience?

Quill provides both independent-practice activities and small-group/whole-class instruction activities.

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Independent-Practice Activities

Quill independent-practice activities include Quill Grammar, Quill Connect, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Reading for Evidence activities, and each of these activities takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete.

Independent-practice activities are assigned by a teacher to a student, and the student independently completes the activity.

While students are completing independent-practice activities, teachers can keep track of student progress in the Activity Summary report.

Whole-Class Instruction

Quill also provides activities for whole-class instruction, Quill Lesson activities. Each of these activities comes with interactive slides, a downloadable lesson plan, a full lesson script, and a follow-up independent-practice activity that students can complete right after finishing the Quill Lesson or later.

Quill Lessons are assigned by a teacher to a student, and in order for the student to participate in the Quill Lesson, the teacher must first launch the Quill Lesson, Please read more about implementing Quill Lessons in this article.

Tips for Using Independent-Practice and Whole-Class Instruction Activities in a Class

Whether each student has their own device, or students share devices, Quill activities can be effectively implemented to support the growth of students' skills.

This Teacher Center article explains how independent-practice activities can be strategically used during class, and this Teacher Center article expands on how Quill can be used when students are sharing devices, or there is limited access to devices.

Furthermore, please see this Teacher Center article with more information about using Quill Lessons in a remote/hybrid learning environment.

Lastly, be inspired by how teachers all over the world are using Quill - read these Teacher stories for ideas on how to use Quill as a valuable resource in your class.

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