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How do I use the Activity Summary report?
How do I use the Activity Summary report?
Use this color-coded summary of scores to keep track of progress and proficiency.
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The Activity Summary report provides a high-level view of student progress on their Quill activities. The report can be filtered by class, activity pack, and date range. It shows students' progress at a glance and proficiency color scores in each activity, along with average scores, a breakdown of concepts, and much more!

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Video Overview

Watch the video below for an overview of the Activity Summary report. The video also provides a walkthrough of two other basic reports on Quill: Activity Analysis and Diagnostics:

Accessing the Activity Summary

To access your classes' summary of activities, click on:

  1. My Reports tab on your Quill navigation menu

  2. Activity Summary report

Reading the Activity Summary Report

Color-coded scores

The score breakdown key is located at the top of the screen.

Activity Icons

The activity icon key is located directly under the score breakdown key.

The icons in each activity square indicate the type of activity (learning tool):

Quill Diagnostic - identify learning gaps

Quill Connect - combine sentences

Quill Proofreader - fix errors in passages

Quill Grammar - practice mechanics

Quill Lessons - teacher-led, interactive group lessons

Quill Reading for Evidence - use a text to write with evidence

Activity Status

Replayed activity: indicated by a blue bubble on the activity square. The number indicates the number of replay attempts. The color coding indicates the proficiency achieved in the latest attempt.

In-progress or paused activity: indicated by a white activity square with a blue clock. This activity has been paused and can be resumed from the student's dashboard.

Scheduled activity: indicated by a gray activity square with a green clock. This activity has been scheduled to show at a later date and is not yet available in the student's dashboard.

Staggered release: indicated by the black lock on the activity square. This diagnostic-recommended activity is locked until the student fully completes the previous recommended activity pack.

Assigned activity: indicated by the gray activity square. This activity is available to be completed on the student's dashboard.

🟦 Understanding blue (completed) activity squares:

Completed Diagnostics/Writing Skills Surveys, Quill Lessons, and Quill Reading for Evidence activities will appear in blue to indicate the activity has been completed. These are ungraded activities and will not display a color proficiency range in this report or the student's dashboard. However, you are able to see specific responses and/or grading for each activity by hovering over and/or clicking on the blue activity square.

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Activity Summary Filters

Filter by Class

To view the activities that a different class has completed, use the class section filter in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Select class filters

Filter by Activity Pack

The activity pack filter defaults to "All activity packs," providing you with information about every activity completed by students. You can select specific activity packs to filter the information displayed for each student.

Select activity pack filters

Filter by Date

To view the activities that students have completed during a set period of time, use the date filters at the top of the page. It defaults to "All time," and the report saves your date selection for the next time you visit this page.

Calendar to select date filters

Performance Breakdown

Hover your mouse over any activity square to view a comprehensive performance breakdown for an individual activity. You can view:

  • activity's objectives

  • date information (published date, due date, and completed date)

  • student's percentage score (in all attempts)

  • time spent actively working on the activity

  • sub-concept breakdown

Click on the activity square to view student responses, targeted feedback received (if available), overall score, and more.

Time Spent

The time spent feature only accounts for the time the student is actively working on an activity. If a student is inactive on the page for 30 seconds, switches to a new tab, or opens another window, the timer will stop until they return to the activity.

Grading with the Activity Summary

As students complete activities, you are given valuable information about their strengths, areas for growth, and daily progress.

You can use the Activity Summary to grade at the concept level and for mastery-based learning. Encouraging students to replay activities until they reach proficiency can improve their writing skills, confidence, and persistence!

You can also utilize the activity pack and date filters to narrow down student results and view scores at a glance.

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