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Can I arrange the order of activities in an activity pack?
Can I arrange the order of activities in an activity pack?
Activities appear by default in the order that they are assigned. You can re-order them within an activity pack by using the "Order" tool.
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On Quill, after you have successfully assigned activities in an activity pack, you are able to arrange the order of how these activities appear within their corresponding activity pack in your "My Activities" tab and on your students' dashboards. Learn about arranging the order of activities in activity packs below.

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Arrange the order of activities

Access your assigned activity packs in the My Activities tab:

To arrange the order of activities within an activity pack, you can scroll to the activity pack in question and use the "Order" tool, indicated by the icon with four stacked horizontal lines, in the left-most column to re-order the activities in that activity pack. Click and hold onto this icon to select the activity and move the activity within the activity pack.

This will immediately update the order in which these activities appear in the activity pack on your students' Quill dashboards as well (provided the activities are not yet completed).

Set due dates for activities

To give further structure to your activity packs, you can assign due dates to the activities and ask your students to complete them in order of due date. Please note that activities will not be removed from students' dashboards after a due date.

View activities and activity packs in students' dashboards

Lastly, you can also use our "View as student" feature to check out how your assignments appear on your students' dashboards.

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