The "View as student" feature is a new function in our teacher dashboard that allows you to preview what your students' accounts look like. This can be helpful as a way for you to double check that your students have been assigned the correct activities, and/or as a way of helping to direct your students.

How can I access the "View as student" feature?

To access your "View as student" feature, go in to your "Classes" tab, and click on a class section. You'll then see the "View as student" button just above your roster.

Additionally, you can also access the "View as student" feature from your teacher homepage. From your "Handy actions" list in your "Home" tab, simply find and click the "View as student" option.

Lastly, you can also get to your "View as student" feature from the Assignment Flow. Right after you've assigned an activity, you'll be able to see what it looks like on your students' dashboards, by clicking the "View as student" option at the bottom of the page.

How does the View as Student feature work?

Clicking on the "View as student" button (using any of those above methods) will bring you to a screen allowing you to choose which student's dashboard you'd like to preview.

Once you've clicked "View", you'll be brought into a preview of that student's screen, with a "Viewing as a student" banner at the top. The green "Back to my dashboard" button in the top right hand corner will bring you back to your teacher dashboard at any time.

While in "View as student" mode, you can click through that student's account, to see what activities they're currently assigned, and what their dashboard looks like. You will not be able to make any changes to the student's account from this mode.

If you click on a "Resume", "Start", or "Replay" button from that student's dashboard, you will not impact that student's activity session. Instead, you'll see the below message, and will have the opportunity to play through that activity as a preview.

Our general overview of the student dashboard can be found here:

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