Once you've successfully assigned an activity, that activity will appear in your "My Activities" tab and on your assigned students' dashboards. All assigned activity packs are available for students to complete in the order that the activities are assigned. (If you'd like to save an activity pack before setting it live, check out our article on that process here.)

To change the order of activities within an activity pack however, you can scroll to the activity pack in question and use the "Order" tool in the left-most column to re-order the activities in that pack.

This will immediately update the order in which these activities appear on your students' Quill dashboards as well (provided the activities are not yet completed).

In addition, to give further structure to your activity packs, you can assign due dates to the activities and ask your students to complete them in order of due date. You can also use activity pack names to signal purpose.

Lastly, you can also use our "View as student" feature to check out how your assignments appear on your students' dashboard.

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