After you complete a Quill Lessons activity with your class, you can view student responses to each slide. Viewing these results can help you determine how to differentiate the next Quill activities you assign and inform the next day's instruction.

If you are viewing results on the Activity Summary, the Quill Lessons activity – which is indicated by the apple icon – will appear blue for completed. Click on the apple icon to be brought directly to the student's Activity Analysis report from the Lesson.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Activity Analysis report. To access reports from a Quill Lessons activity:

  • Click on the "Student reports" tab

  • Click on "Activity Analysis"

  • Then, scroll to find the Quill Lessons activity you would like to view a report from

  • Click the arrow next to the activity in question

  • Click the arrow on a student's row to view their responses to Quill Lessons prompts

Pro Tip: You can use the information found in this report for a strategic do-now activity to start class. Check out more ways to use Quill in the classroom in our Implementation Library!

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