The Activity Summary report provides a high-level view of student progress on their Quill activities. This report uses a stoplight system of green, yellow, and red scores. A green square indicates that the student scored 80-100%. A yellow square indicates the student scored 60-79%. A red square indicates that the student scored less than 60%. Encourage your students to go for green!

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Accessing the Activity Summary

To access your students' percentage and color-coded scores, go to:

  1. Student Reports tab

  2. Activity Summary report

Reading the Activity Summary


The score breakdown key is located at the top of the screen.

Completed Lessons, Connect, Proofreader, and Grammar activities will appear in color based on their scores as follows:

  • Green: At Proficiency, 80-100%

  • Yellow: Nearly Proficient, 60-79%

  • Red: Not Yet Proficient, 0-59%

Completed Diagnostics, Writing Skills Surveys, and Quill Lessons activities will appear in blue to indicate it has been completed. Note: These are the only activities in the Activity Library to be marked as "Complete" instead of graded.

If a student has replayed an activity, their number of attempts will be in a blue circle in the upper right-hand corner of the box.

If a student has started but not completed an activity, the in-progress activities will appear in white with a timer in the upper right-hand corner of the box.

Incomplete activities will appear gray.

Activity Icons

The activity icon key is located directly under the score breakdown key.

Our activities are labeled with the following icons:

Performance Breakdown

To view a comprehensive performance breakdown for an individual activity, hover your mouse over the activity box. This will tell you key information such as the activity's objective, the date the student completed the activity, the student's scores (in all attempts), how much time the student spent on the activity, and a sub-concept list.

Note: The time spent feature only shows how long a student was actively working on an activity. If a student is inactive on the page for 30 seconds, switches to a new tab, or opens another window, the timer will stop until they return to the activity.

On the right-hand side of the Activity Summary report, next to the student's name, you can also see the student's average score across activities and how much total time they have spent on Quill based on the filters at the top of the page.

Filter Classes, Activity Packs, and Dates

To view the activities that a different class has completed, use the class section filter in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

To view the activities that your class has completed within a specific activity pack, use the activity pack filter at the top of the screen.

To view the activities that students have completed during a set period of time, use the date filters at the top of the page (by date of completion).

Grading with the Activity Summary

As students complete activities and go for green, you are given valuable information about their strengths, areas for growth, and daily progress. You can use the Activity Summary to grade at the concept level and for mastery-based learning. Encouraging students to replay activities until they reach proficiency can improve their writing skills, confidence, and persistence!

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