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Can students pause and resume activities?
Can students pause and resume activities?

Students can pause Quill activities and resume them from their Quill accounts.

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How do students pause and resume activities?

If a student would like to pause an activity to resume it later, they can save their progress by clicking the Save and exit link at the top right corner of the activity's page. This will save their progress in the activity and allow the student to resume the activity at a later time.

To resume the activity at a later time, the student will navigate to the To-do activities page, find the activity that they would like to resume, and click the Resume button.

What kinds of activities can students pause and resume?

Students can pause and resume almost any Quill activity, including Quill Diagnostic, Quill Grammar, Quill Connect, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Reading for Evidence activities. The only type of activity that cannot be paused and later resumed are Quill Lessons activities, which are teacher-led, interactive activities meant for whole-class or small-group instruction. These activities are launched by the teacher and implemented by the teacher with their students; therefore, students are unable to pause and resume Quill Lessons activities. Please click here to learn more about launching and implementing Quill Lessons activities with students.

How do teachers tell if students have paused an activity?

An activity that has been started but not yet completed will be indicated by a white activity square with a blue pie chart in its upper right corner on the Activity Summary report in your Quill account.

Please click here to learn more about reading the Activity Summary report.

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