Quill Lessons are collaborative, teacher-led writing activities that are meant for whole-class instruction. If a student misses a Quill Lesson, there are a few different ways to get them caught up.

1. Conduct a Quill Lesson with a smaller group

If you have not yet marked a Quill Lesson as completed and if multiple students have missed a Quill Lessons activity, you can re-launch the Quill Lesson activity and conduct it again with the smaller group.

In the case that you have marked the lesson as completed, you can reassign the Quill Lesson activity to your small group of students and launch the Quill Lesson with them.

2. Review the concepts with a single student

Due to the collaborative nature of Quill Lessons, it is difficult to conduct a Quill Lesson with a single student. However, if a single student misses a Quill Lesson, there are a few ways to review the concepts from that Quill Lesson with the student.

Quill Lessons activities come with a Lesson Plan PDF for teachers. Teachers can print out the PDF and use it as a guide for one-on-one review. Teachers can also assign the student independent practice activities related to the Quill Lesson’s content. To browse Quill’s independent practice activities by concept, click on the Assign Activities tab and the Explore all activities in our activity library card.

In the activity library, use the menu of filters on the left side of the page to find an independent practice activities aligned to a specific concept.

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