You can build your own activity pack from Quill’s database of 700+ activities. 

Note: In order to assign an individual activity, you must create an activity pack. The activity pack can have one or more activities within it.

  1. First, select the “Assign Activities" tab, then select "Explore all activities in our activity library."

2. This will take you to our Activity Library, where you're able to see all of Quill's 700+ activities. From the library, you can filter for activity type and content. You can now filter based on Activity Type, Grade Level, and Common Core State Standard Level.

2b. The Activity Library also allows you to filter based on Concept and Topic, as well as our Content Partners such as College Board and Core Knowledge.

3. Select the activity/activities you would like to assign to your students by checking them off and then pressing "Assign."

4. Name your activity pack and select which classes or students you'd like to assign the activity pack to. You can also add a due date (this is optional). Pressing the green "Assign pack to classes" button in the top right hand corner will complete the process and send the activity pack out to your assigned students.

*Note: You now have the option to pre-save activity packs to be assigned later. See that guide here.

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