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How do I create and assign a new activity pack?
How do I create and assign a new activity pack?

You can create customized activity packs and assign them to your students.

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You can build your own activity pack by choosing activities from Quill’s activity library of 800+ activities. 

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Access the activity library and select activities

Click the Assign Activities tab. Then, click the Explore all activities in our activity library card.

Clicking that card will bring you to Quill's activity library. In our activity library, you can filter the activities that you see based on the type of activity, Grade Level Range, Readability Level, CCSS Grade Level, as well as ELL activities, Concepts, Topics, and our Content Partners (College Board, Core Knowledge, and Word Generation).

Preview activities to ensure they fit your curricular needs and your students' learning needs.

Select the activity/activities you would like to add to your activity pack by checking the boxes next to their names. When ready to assign, click the Assign button.

💡 Tip: You also have the option to save activities to later assign them. See how to do that here.

Review and assign the activity pack

After clicking the Assign button, you will see the Review and assign page, where you can enter and edit activity pack details.

In the Name the assignment section, name your activity pack.

💡 Tip: Please see this article for information about how to name activity packs to signal purpose to your students.

In the Review activities and pick due dates section, you have the option to set a Publish date (the date that this activity pack will show up in your students' Quill accounts), set a Due date, and see if any of the included activities have been assigned to any of your students before.

In the Choose classes or students section, select the classes and students to whom you would like to assign the activity pack by checking the boxes next to their names.

Finally, to assign the activity pack, click the Assign pack to classes button in the upper right corner of the page.

Once an activity pack has been assigned and published, students will access the activities through their student dashboards. Click here for an overview of the student dashboard.

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